Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, a leading human-rights crusader in her native Iran, took a firm stand against the introduction of Islamic tribunals in Canada, warning they open the door to potential rights abuses.
Religions are on the offensive throughout Canada. In addition to the majority Christians, Canada now enjoys a growing presence of followers of the religions of the world: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and many others.
The undersigned Canadian associations call for support in their struggle against the introduction of religious arbitration courts for family matters in Canada.
Vous trouverez çi dessous un appel de plusieurs organisations de femmes canadiennes en lutte contre l'introduction de tribunaux religieux pour arbitrer les affaires familiales au Canada.
Quebec has rejected the use of Islamic tribunals, which can be used to settle family disputes, in the province.
Women of Bountiful are prisoners, bound to a cult masquerading as a legal religious option in a multicultural society. This is a cult that is breaking Canada’s laws against polygamy and maybe underage sex.
'Door is closed and will remain closed,' justice minister says. The Province remains Canada's only officially secular jurisdiction.
"Si on met un seul doigt dans l'engrenage, c'est tout le corps qui va y passer."
If Ontario decides to uphold the use of Shariah law, Canada will become the first western liberal democracy to allow Muslim personal law into family matters such as child custody, child & spousal support, division of property, inheritance & separation.
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