"Tomislav Nikolić’s threat to declare a state of emergency on his first day as Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly indicates a serious slide towards totalitarianism in Serbia."
Last week, the apartment of Vesna Pešić, a national assembly member, antiwar activist, and human rights defender, was vandalized.
These elections, the most important since the toppling of Milosevic seven years ago, have proved that time can stand still. One third of the population still votes for the fascist Radical Party, whose leader Seselj is in jail in The Hague.
A public announcement from Women in Black and Queeria which starts, "We are stopping fascism - we are building solidarity!"
An open letter by Women in Black Belgrade to the Serbian Parliament related to the 2005 draft resolution ‘Women, Peace, and Security,’ on the participation of women in peace-building and deciding issues of peace from a feminist standpoint.
Women in Black activists organise against the increased power of the Serbian Orthodox Church, denouncing its fundamentalist character.
The title above is an Italian feminist slogan, from a Milano rally, January 2006. Easter is not a religious feast anymore. This is Serbian Jihad, said a young man, a hip icon in the young generation of writers and musicians.
The training "Warning signs of fundamentalisms - feminist responses" is taking place in Belgrade from 7-9 April 2006 in Hotel ’’Putnik’’, Novi Beograd, Dragoslava Jovanovića 1, Belgrade.
Public announcement on the occasion of the introduction of the Law on churches and religious communities into parliamentary procedure.
This lecture is organized by Women in Black and the Center for Cultural Decontamination April 4th at 6pm at the Center for Cultural Decontamination (Bircaninova 21).
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