[violence] honour crimes

The Pakistan government bulldozed the Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2004 against “honour killings” in the National Assembly and adopted it on 26 October 2004 without any debate amidst opposition walkout.
Kvinnoforum, Suède, travaille depuis 2003 sur un projet relatif à la prévention de la violence envers les femmes et les fillettes dans les familles patriarcales.
Murder by any other name still smells foul. It is still murder.
Le Yémen, pays du sud-est de la péninsule Arabique, est devenu le théâtre d’un durcissement religieux dont les femmes sont les premières victimes, particulièrement celles qui sont incarcérées.
Police are reinvestigating more than 100 murders in England and Wales they suspect could be so-called honour killings, it has emerged.
The Jordan Times says this is the third case of so-called "honour" killing in the country this week.
The Jordanian government imprisons women threatened with “honor” crimes rather than the male relatives who threaten them, Human Rights Watch said in a recent report.
Muslim clerics in Turkey are to deliver sermons upholding women's rights and condemning so-called "honour killings."
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has vowed to protect a woman who faces being murdered by members of her own tribe in an honour killing.
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