Saudi Arabia

Pas de photos, pas de concerts, pas d'interviews: un groupe de rock féminin parvient tout de même à exister en Arabie Saoudite.
Who says Saudi girls can’t rock? Four of them recently struck hammer to the anvil to forge The Accolade, an all-girl rock band. The band’s name comes from an Edmund Leighton painting of a princess knitting herself a warrior.
Sayyed Qotb qui sert de référence aux djihadistes d’Al-Qaïda censuré.
Alors qu'elle s'apprête à entamer sa 4e année à l'école primaire, elle a été mariée par son père à un quinquagénaire qui refuse d'invalider l'acte.
The Committee of Social Protection has launched a drive to create awareness among health workers about domestic violence and child abuse.
The Saudi Human Rights Commission (HRC) has called on government agencies to take necessary steps to end the practice of child marriages by adopting a clear and unambiguous position on such weddings.
A debate is opening up in Saudi Arabia as to whether or not women can become muftis, following a recent announcement made by the Grand Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badr Al Din Hassoun.
The marriage between a 60-year-old man and a 10-year-old girl he 'won' in a bet has been postponed after protests from human rights groups.
"There are no laws defining the minimum age for marriage. Although a woman’s consent is legally required, some marriage officials do not seek it."
A senior member of the Board of Senior Ulemas has said women are allowed to join the board in order to break the monopoly held by men.
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