The Badis are a small Dalit community, considered a minority group and are the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in Nepal. The women earn most of their families' income through sex work. During a peaceful protest on 27-Aug-07 they were beaten by police.
An update from the Women's Rehabilitation Center (WOREC) on the ongoing activities of forming WHRD networks, an essential component of the WHRD National Campaign.
Women in Nepal’s minority Muslim community are increasingly contesting through the courts the divorce settlements imposed on them by their husbands. The women say they are the victims of an abuse of Islamic law by their husbands.
Women's Rehabilitation Center (WOREC) is alarmed about the threats and harassment of Rita Mahato and Dev Kumari Mahara, Women’s Human Rights Defenders and WOREC staff members working in the Siraha district in Nepal.
The Kathmandu Declaration adopted by the National Conference of Women Human Rights Defenders.
Women's rights activists in Nepal have hailed a Supreme Court's ruling to scrap a law that allowed men to seek divorce if their partner was infertile.
At least 200 Muslim women from Debang VDC in Parsa district who were divorced without their consent recently urged the Prime Ministers Office and Cabinet and other ministries to probe the issue and bring the guilty to book.
In Nepal, customs, social systems and state made laws discriminate against women.
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