[violence] domestic violence

In Cyprus, there was a 25 per cent increase in domestic violence cases that reached the courtrooms in 2007, compared to the year before.
A study published in March by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on the mental state of Iraqis in Jordan and Lebanon has pointed to mounting social and economic problems as the cause of increased domestic violence.
"A day in February 2006 is imprinted as vividly on Renu's mind as her body. In the quiet, narrow lane outside her east Delhi home, she had been bathing the family buffaloes when her father's tenant, a mug in hand, came towards her.
Francine Nijimbere's husband cut off both her arms with a machete for failing to give birth to a boy.
As more and more suicides among women are attributed to violence in the home, pressure is building for a law to end the climate of impunity.
Sharla Musabih decided to take action against domestic violence by opening up a villa to shelter women and children who can not find help anywhere else.
Fatima n'est pas la seule femme étrangère confrontée à ces situations de double violence (violence sexiste + violence d'Etat)...
The Ministry of Social Affairs will establish a center to receive complaints about domestic violence and follow up such cases round the clock, said Awad Al-Radadi, deputy minister for social care and development, according to the Saudi Press Agency.
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