A joint letter has been sent to the Chief Prosecutor urging that the amended indictment include charges of rape and other forms of sexual violence perpetrated against women by Bosnian Serb forces under Karadzic’s command.
Une lettre conjointe destinée au procureur en chef, que l’acte révisé inclue des accusations pour viol et autres formes de violences sexuelles perpétrées contre des femmes par les forces serbes de Bosnie sous le commandement de Karadzic.
"The Body of War: Media, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Break-up of Yugoslavia" by Dubravka Žarkov is now available.
Du fondamentalisme ethnique au fondamentalisme religieux
Commentaire de l'éditrice:

The anthology bears witness to the anti-war attitudes and activities of women from the Yugoslav geographical space. It is a record of their emotional conflicts and pain, yet, at the same time, a testimonial of their strength and vitality. It treasures every individual story and every emotion. In this respect is follows Simone Weil’s dictum from the year 1943: “In momentous historical events, personal emotions have a significance which has never received proper attention.”
In late eighties, with the consolidation of nationalism as the state ideology in Serbia, the propaganda directed against women grew stronger. It is well known that in periods of acute crisis, economic repression or marked repression, women are called to turn back to "home and family"; they are referred to as "the angels of the home earth", as ideal mothers, as faithful wives… Such propaganda, among other things, aims at postponing or preventing social tensions, outburst of social discontent caused by mass lay-offs of working men and women.
Official Dutch report says that Pentagon broke UN embargo.
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