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John Garang, the revered late leader of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement, once said that women are the "the poorest of the poor and the marginalised of the marginalised". As the reality of an independent South Sudan approaches, the region's women have vowed they will not remain second class citizens. Margaret Michael Modi, the head of women’s affairs in Central Equatoria State, cast her vote on the first day. "The first day (of the vote) we did not sleep. I went to the polling station and women were crying as they cast their vote," she told IPS over the phone from the southern capital, Juba.

APA – Nouakchott (Mauritanie) Une femme mauritanienne, Oumoulmoumnine Mint Bakar Vall, a été condamnée dimanche par la Chambre des mineurs au Tribunal de Nouakchott à 6 mois de prison ferme pour esclavagisme, a constaté APA sur place.

Mint Bakar Vall était jugée depuis mardi dernier pour avoir exploité deux filles haratines (descendants d’esclavages), âgées de 14 et de 10 ans.

The day starts early, at a petrol station alongside a roaring Jerusalem road. The mood among the 15 Israeli women is a little tense, but it's hardly surprising – they're about to break the law and with it one of the country's taboos. They plan to drive into the occupied West Bank, pick up Palestinian women and children and take them on a day trip to Tel Aviv.Today's is the second such trip – another group of women went public with a similar action last month. It is hoped that these will become regular outings, designed to create awareness of the laws that govern movement for Palestinians, and to challenge the fears that Israelis have about travelling into the West Bank.

Since the enactment of Indonesia's pornography law No. 44 year 2008, therefore we, from Women’s activists coalition of South Sulawesi rejected the bill and urged the government to withdraw the law.  Our legal effort that we have done by doing a judicial review of this pornography act was rejected by the constitutional court. Update on Indonesia: Law’s definition of pornography open to multiple interpretations

A new organisation to regulate foreign marriages has been created following the lifting of a six-month suspension of such unions in November, officials say.
One of South Korea's best-known actresses, Ok So-ri, has been given a suspended prison sentence of eight months for adultery.
The Shoura Council yesterday rejected a recommendation to simplify regulations governing Saudis marrying non-Saudis.
A series of reforms in Egypt has reduced barriers to young people entering the rental housing market...This has led to a reversal in delayed marriage among young men, beginning with those born after 1972.
Enfin, un troisième volet, évoqué déjà dans le discours du Président, a trait aux droits de la femme.
Al-Azhar, la plus haute autorité de l’islam sunnite, estime qu’une épouse a le droit de frapper son mari en légitime défense, a rapporté lundi la presse locale.
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