International: Uniting our voices for women's right to health

A special transmission, on 27 May, by Feminist International Radio Endeavour (FIRE) on International Day of Action for Womens Health.
FIRE will broadcast interviews, reports and comments in the voices of a diversity of Latin American feminists.
From 9:00 am (1500 GMT) to 4:00 pm local time you may connect to the feminist movement actions at

From the Health Network of Latin America and the Caribbean FIRE will approach the Third Millennium Women's Campaign: Health, Sexual and Full Reproductive Rights.

FIRE will also feature interviews on the Campaign for the InterAmerican Convention on Sexual and Reproductive Rights as well as the 2005 World Womens Network Call for Action for the Reproductive Rights "Violence Against Women, a worldwide Health Emergency," among others.

Voice your opinions, comments, tuning by calling us collect through your operator to phones (506)249 1319 or (506) 249 3084 or by writing to

The Program Connecting he voices of Latin American and Caribbean Women is a communications action which uses radio to defend the right of women to be informed.

FIRE will publish a Special Bulletin with an anthology of interviews and articles on Women and Health as part of its productions on the subject. All interviews, spots, photos and texts of our program may be downloaded directly from and used citing the source.