Africa Regional E-Campaigning Training

BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights (Nigeria) in collaboration with the Association for Progressive Communication (South Africa) - with support from Women’s Living Under Muslim Laws - convened a Capacity Building Training for the Women Reclaiming & Redefining Cultures (WRRC) working group members on Strategic E-Campaigning from June 7th – 9th 2010 in Lagos, Nigeria. Nineteen women from Nigeria, Senegal, The Gambia, London, Niger, Canada and Sudan participated in the training. 

The objectives of the training were: to share and build knowledge and skills on communication rights and information and communication technologies (ICTs) from feminist perspectives; to create dynamic spaces to explore and deepen feminist practices and politics of technology; to raise awareness on the critical role of communication rights in the struggle to advance women’s human rights; to foster and synergize work among Women Reclaiming and Re-defining Cultures partners for more visible outcomes; to share skills that will enable participants use technology to effectively document abuses, mobilise support and amplify pressure for change and to engage participants in discussions on the interconnections between ICTs, women’s rights and movement building.

Please see the below report for a detailed explanation of this training session.

PDF presentation: 
Africa E-campaigning Report

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