India: Film screening: "City Walls - My Own Private Tehran"

The Delhi Film Archive with History Society and Gender Forum Ramjas College present "City Walls - My Own Private Tehran", 87 minutes, Iran. A film by Afsar Sonia Shafie (present for the screening).
Date: 29 August at 1:15 pm
Venue: Seminar Room, Ramjas College, Delhi University, New Delhi
In times where headlines about the so-called "Culture Clash" hunt each other, the Iranian filmmaker Afsar Sonia Shafie tells us a different story.

During her trip to her hometown Tehran, the filmmaker, who currently lives in Switzerland, confronts herself with the history of her own family. She is visiting her grandparents and lets them talk about their lives. In conversations with her grandmother, her mother, her sisters and aunts the director documents her own emancipation and that of her female relatives.

In a very private, sensitive and exemplary way "City Walls-My own Private Tehran" portraits remarkable mothers and women who, with every generation, gradually managed to free themselves from the chains of the oppressive patriarchal order. It shows us how women continue fighting for their right to progress.