Palestine: Employment opportunities with International Service

International Service
Positions available in the Palestinian Women's Research & Documentation Centre, Bethlehem University, and the Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling.
Three job vacancies with International Service based in Palestine:
(I) Advanced research & training coordinator - Palestinian Women's Research & Documentation Centre

The PWRDC was founded in 2005 as a Special Project of UNESCO. It collects and houses research data and documentation relating to Palestinian women, works with the media to improve reporting on women and gender issues, and facilitates networking and the sharing of information on women. As a relatively new organisation, it is in the process of building its operational capacity, and your role will be to respond to the need for expertise in advanced gender-focused research. You will provide training in applied research and advocacy related to social policy and human rights, support the development of policy papers promoting gender equality and the rights of Palestinian women, develop systems to consolidate the documentation of currently fragmented information, and enhance coordination among NGOs working on women's issues to maximise impact. Essential requirements include a Masters degree related to gender and development, at least two years action research experience related to gender/human rights, proven training skills, experience of working with grassroots women's organisations, and an understanding of/commitment to the situation of Palestinian women. Fluent English essential, Arabic an advantage. (REF: PAL./37)

(II) Public Relations Communication & Information Capacity Builder - Bethlehem University PR Department, Bethlehem

Bethlehem University was the first university to be established in the West Bank, and now serves approximately 2,600 undergraduates and 1,200 local people pursuing continuing education. Your role within the PR department will be to build capacity to improve its activities and increase its participation, where appropriate, in the Right to Education Campaign coordinated by Birzeit University ( You will be involved in the training of staff; researching the experiences of students accessing the education system; promoting and strengthening networking, information sharing and coordination; and managing PR campaigns/projects. Educated to degree level, you should have specialised qualifications/experience related to PR/media/development/human rights, together with proven communication skills, high levels of flexibility, adaptability and cultural sensitivity, the capacity to work under pressure in stressful situations, and the ability to transform ideas into reality. Fluent English essential; Arabic an advantage. (REF: PAL/35)

(III) International law training & research coordinator - Palestinian Women's Human Rights Programme - Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling, Ramallah

WCLAC was established in Jerusalem in 1991 to develop programmes and projects promoting equality and the rights of Palestinian women. Based within WCLAC's Research & Documentation Unit, your role will be to support its newly established Palestinian Women's Human Rights Programme (PWHRP). You will help build capacities in advanced legal research on international laws and conventions applying to human rights violations of women and girls, resulting both from the Israeli occupation and internal gender-based inequalities, assist in its reporting to CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women), and coordinate all networking activities. Educated to postgraduate level, with a sound knowledge of international human rights law, UN mechanisms and instruments, and at least two years' action-research experience related to human rights, you will develop the theoretical and conceptual frameworks related to the international aspect of the PWHRP, as well as providing appropriate training to staff and community fieldworkers in international human rights law. You should be confident, self-motivated and highly flexible, with proven communication skills, and an understanding of/commitment to the situation of Palestinian women. Fluent English essential; basic Arabic an advantage. (REF: PAL/36)