Kyrgyzstan: Human Rights Activist Arrested During Peaceful Gathering

Tolekan Ismailova, Director of WLP Kyrgyzstan/Human Rights Center "Citizens Against Corruption" was among at least four people who were detained in Bishkek on March 18.
The arrests followed a peaceful gathering in commemoration of the anniversary of tragic events that took place in Aksy in March 2002, during which six protesters were shot by security officials.
Fifty people attended an hour long gathering on Tuesday, March 17, carrying red carnations and wearing black armbands in mourning for the Aksy victims. Ms. Ismailova was among a group who reconvened on the morning of March 18 in order to conduct a candlelight vigil, which was surrounded and dispersed by police.

Women's Learning Partnership is deeply concerned about the increased restrictions on the right to assembly in Kyrgyzstan and strongly condemns the wrongful detention of non-violent activists.