Maghreb: New Discussion Booklet on the Marriage Contract

Global Rights Maghreb
The Global Rights Maghreb field office, in collaboration with fifteen local NGOs and lawyer partners in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, announces the publication of a Discussion Booklet on strategic use of the marriage contract to promote women’s rights.
Designed as a practical tool for grassroots mobilisation by local NGOs and facilitators, the Discussion Booklet contains information on clauses that can by stipulated into the marriage contract, reasons for drafting a detailed contract, simplified explanations of national laws and marriage procedures, a Model Marriage Contract, and three human rights education program sessions to use in awareness-raising among women.
The Discussion Booklet accompanies the report Conditions Not Conflict describing the results of action-research on including rights-protective clauses in the marriage contract published by Global Rights and its partners last October.

Available in Arabic and French, Discussion Booklets specific to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia may be consulted in PDF format at