Afghanistan: Appeal from Afghan women

Appeal for an end to the war in Afghanistan.
A call to the international community and the countries and groups involved in the war to listen to Afghan women and ensure that their rights are respected. Support the appeal and help strengthen its demands.
For more then two decades the Afghan nation has been passing through the most difficult experiences of war, human rights violations and brutality. While we struggle to survive, we are scared for life, losing our dear ones, seeing our children traumatized, our neighbors killed, our husbands disabled by a war fought under different banners but yet with the same tragic consequences. In whatever name the war might be fought, jihad, justice, terrorism etc. we ask you to stop it. The waging and continuation of the war affects us more deeply every passing day by hearing that someone else has been added to the list of victims.

Perhaps a million Afghans are in movement facing closed borders, a hostile reception and already jammed camps with the most miserable conditions of life.

Stop this war in the name of the Afghan child, the Afghan mother and a nation who have sacrificed more than enough. The continuation of war will not only be adding to the existing misery of the Afghan nation, but will hinder the chances of a peaceful solution in the future. We call upon the international community and the countries and groups involved in this war to support us by listening to us to and ensuring our rights as citizens of the world are respected. Help us in seeking our right to survival.

We request the following:

* The military action in Afghanistan be stopped immediately.

* The anti-terrorism campaign should not be fought at the expense of restricting or violating human rights of Afghans. It should be dealt in accordance with international law and procedures by an international tribunal.

* The neighboring countries of Afghanistan should open their borders to Afghan families fleeing the war.

* Afghan should be supported in the peace process and nation building effort in such a way, which ensures the respect of its diverse ethnic groups and religious sects, women and children.

* Afghan women's participation in the peace process must be assured.