Middle East: Women and Memory Forum Reader on Gender & Political Science


The Women and Memory Forum has recently published the first book of its new series of Readers on Gender in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Arabic language. The book is titled Reader on Gender and Political Science, edited by Mervat Hatem and translated by Shohart El-Alem. 

The Readers on Gender in the Humanities and Social Sciences series contain selected canonical articles on gender studies and feminist theories with critical introductions relocating gender theory debates in the Arab cultural and social context. The Women and Memory Forum has published this book under its Translating Gender project which aims at providing Arab students and researchers with seminal articles on gender in the humanities and the social sciences. 

Forthcoming publications in this series are:

  • The Reader on Feminism and Religious Studies, ed. Omaima Abou-Bakr, trans. Randa Aboubakr
  • The Reader on Feminism and History, ed. Hoda Elsadda, trans. Abir Abbas
  • The Reader on Feminism and Literary Criticism, ed. and trans. Hala Kamal
  • The Reader on Feminism and Psychology, ed. Afaf Mahfouz, trans. Aida Seif El-Dawla
  • The Reader on Gender and Anthropology/Sociology, ed. Hania Sholkamy and trans. Seham Abdel-Salam 

The Reader on Gender and the Discipline includes two sections. In the first section, the editor presents a selection of seminal articles discussing critical perspectives from American political science on the study of women and gender. This section aims at highlighting the socio-historical, institutional and intellectual contexts of these theoretical contributions. The second section includes articles written by scholars of Middle East political science using the gender perspective to discuss Kemalism in Turkey, political liberalism in Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco, globalization discourses and its representation of Islamic societies and Egyptian women, political participation at mosques in the U.S., musicality of Palestinian nationalism, paid labor and women liberation and integrating the family into the study of civil society in Egypt. 

For a complete list of the translated articles included in this book please visit http://www.wmf.org.eg/en/node/698

For more information about the reader please at wmf [at] wmf.org.eg

The Women and Memory Forum is a non governmental research center concerned with facilitating, producing and disseminating alternative feminist and gender sensitive knowledge.