Douze heures de discussions serrées pour un communiqué. Le Conseil de sécurité de l'ONU a demandé mardi une enquête sur l'intervention militaire israélienne lundi contre une flottille pro-palestinienne chargée d'aide humanitaire pour Gaza, ainsi que la libération immédiate des navires et des civils détenus.

At 4 am Eastern Mediterranean time on May 31, elite Israeli commandos rappelled from helicopters onto the deck of the Turkish-registered shipMavi Marmara, part of an international “Freedom Flotilla” that had met in Cyprus and then set sail to deliver humanitarian relief supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip. The Mavi Marmara, the largest of the relief vessels, was carrying some 600 activists, mainly Turks but also others of diverse nationalities. The commandos fired live ammunition at some of the passengers, who Israel claims were lightly armed with metal rods or knives, and may have resisted the raid. Some reports say that other ships were also boarded and/or fired upon. The lowest reported death toll among the activists is nine, and the lowest number of wounded is 34.

A number of prominent human rights organisations in Israel, including B'Tselem, The Public Committee against Torture in Israel and The Association for Civil Rights in Israel have published an open letter to the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, Member of the Knesset, Reuven Rivlin, and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyhau, urging them to condemn the assault and delegitimization of human rights organizations in Israel by by extremist organizations (NGO Monitor, Im Tirtzu and others). Please see the letter attached.

AWID interview with Eilat Maoz of the Coalition of Women for Peace, an Israeli organization that works for peace in Israel and Palestine.
The empowering story of the ‘Women in Black’ movement. An organisation set-up by Israeli women, but now joined by women the world over, all trying to bring peace through non-violent direct activism.
The Haredi sect has launched an aggressive campaign against the secular lifestyles of women in Jerusalem.
An Israeli court sentenced a man to 16 years in prison on Tuesday for aiding in the so-called honor killing of his sister. The case was unusual in that the women of the family broke their code of silence and testified against the man.
Five women in Israel are going to court to protest the way sex-segregated public buses are run in Israel.
A Ramleh, en Israël, huit femmes du clan Abu-Ghanem ont été victimes de "crimes d'honneur" depuis 2000.
A committee of rabbis formulating the education policy in the ultra-Orthodox community has prohibited women's continuing education programs and severely restricted other study courses, blocking the advancement and development of haredi women's careers.
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