Le rabbin séfarade Bakshi Doron, qui a occupé de hautes fonctions dans la hiérarchie religieuse, demande la liberté de choix et la reconnaissance du mariage civil.
The narratives and experiences of women (Jewish and Palestinian) to expose hidden stories of protest, resistance and cooperation of women, that were marginalized and obscured by the dominant "male/heroic/militaristic” version of events of 1948.
Mi-mai, Palestiniennes et Israéliennes ont marché main dans la main pour la paix, reprenant des chants pacifistes en arabe et en hébreux.
Issues related to the ‘public sphere’,1 such as laws which concern work or political participation, have undergone many developments. Personal status, however, has remained the last bastion of male dominance. It has become, in many contexts (e.g. Muslim countries or minority or immigrant communities), a symbol of religious/cultural differences and closely intertwined with the group religious/national identity. It has remained, in most cases, under the authority of the religious institutions and any attempts at reform always spur strong reactions.
An article by Irene Siegel about her experiences in Palestine between 2001-2002.
“Wanted: Flat for three twenty-something Palestinian women to rent; Must be in Jewish west Jerusalem and free from religious bigots and bombers”.

That would be an honest advertisement if Manal Diab, Sonia and Wafa Khoury wanted to be open about their recent travails on the top floor of No. 16 Iddo the Prophet Street.
Israel has decided to tackle its "demographic problem" head-on.
The Security Cabinet decided not to cooperate, for now, with the United Nations team to Jenin, saying that the conditions set by Israel had not yet been met.
Eitam a été nommé, lundi 8 avril, au cabinet de sécurité israélien: "J’entre au gouvernement pour qu’Ariel Sharon ne s’arrête pas au milieu du gué".
WLUML est particulièrement bien placé pour identifier les forces politiques d'extrème droite qui se camouflent sous les revendications religieuses ou ethniques, ainsi que leurs effets dévastateurs sur les forces progressistes et sur les femmes.
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