women’s political participation

Les associations féminines, à commencer par la mienne, Sisters in Islam (SIS), se sont félicitées de cette mesure longuement attendue, car les femmes rencontrent de multiples problèmes dans les tribunaux islamiques, surtout s'agissant d'affaires de la famille. Dans le cadre de ses revendications pour la justice et l'égalité des musulmans, le SIS réclamait ces nominations depuis 1999 et plus.

When a record 101 women won seats in Indonesia's House of Representatives in the 2009 election, development groups said it was proof that the world's largest Muslim nation was ready to back female politicians and a gender quota system that the country had recently rejected wasn't in fact needed.

The Women and Memory Forum has recently published the first book of its new series of Readers on Gender in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Arabic language. The book is titled Reader on Gender and Political Science, edited by Mervat Hatem and translated by Shohart El-Alem. 

We do need to look at justice with a gender perspective. It is always women who suffer, both from injustice and society’s blindness towards it. IT SEEMS to be the unchanging lot of women in Malaysia. First we are elevated, and then we are brought down to earth with a thud. When the first women syariah judges were appointed this month, Muslim women were elated. At last, not only are women recognised for their ability to sit on the syariah bench but also perhaps now we can expect better justice for women in the syariah courts.

بينما انتظرنا وانتظر الرأي العام المصري نتائج دراسة مجلس الدولة حول تعيين النساء في القضاء، اجتمع المجلس الخاص برئاسته الجديدة ليصدر قرارًا جديدًا بالإعلان عن قبول التعيين في وظيفة مندوبين مساعدين من خريجي كليات الحقوق والشريعة دفعة 2008-2009، أى نفس الدفعة التى سبق الإعلان فى العام الماضى عن فتح باب التعيين لخريجيها وخريجاتها، وهو ما يعد تراجعا عن كل الإجراءات التى تمت تنفيذا لإعلان المجلس رقم 2 لسنة 2009 بقبول التعيين فى وظيفة مندوبين مساعدين من خريجى وخريجات كليات الحقوق والشريعة عن نفس الدفعة 2008-2009

إن الإعلان الجديد يمثل تراجعًا واضحًا على عدة مستويات:

ECWR was shocked when it received the decision of the State Council, Egypt’s Administrative Court, to defer the appointment of female judges, although consensus of the Special Council was reached, allowing women to be appointed to judicial positions. The State Council attributed reason for the delay in approving the appointment of female judges to regulation problems, including a lack of safe and secure places for women to stay when presiding over a trial and a lack of nurseries for their children.

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