[mili]war crimes and impunity/accountability

This article addresses key aspects of the ICC, such as gender crimes and related case law, gender-sensitive proceedings and the possible implications of implementing international standards nationally to advance women's human rights.
Interview with Salih Booker, the Executive Director of Africa Action.
Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice highlight the appointment of women to key positions within the International Criminal Court.
Girls as young as eight are being raped in Darfur and used as sex slaves. The mass rapes ongoing in Darfur are war crimes and crimes against humanity but the international community is doing very little to stop it, Amnesty International said.
The ICC has indicated it will investigate crimes committed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since July 1 2002, the date the Rome Statute of the ICC came into force.
Viols systématique de centaines de femmes par les milices armées des Janjawid, soutenues par le gouvernement.
WLUML is attempting to contact networkers in the Sudan. In the meantime please click on the above for some information related to the deeply worrying situation in Darfur.
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