« Une alternative démocratique peut être créée » dit la représentante de l’association révolutionnaire des femmes afghanes (RAWA), que nous appellerons Sara, pour des raisons de sécurité.
Project Wonkhai - the NGO's first undertaking - is a girl's school in Wonkhai, a village in Afghanistan's Wardak province.
Most of the 1,300 students – some with permanent scars on their cheeks and damaged vision – have returned to school full time.
Early marriage and lack of access to medical intervention until complications become severe are two factors that have hampered improvement in the situation.
Afghan authorities have arrested 10 Taliban insurgents who threw acid in the faces of schoolgirls in southern Afghanistan, an official said on Tuesday.
Women's rights defender Malalai Joya has won the "Anna Politkovskaya" award for courage.
Three years ago, Kim Sengupta interviewed five women who wanted to build a new Afghanistan. Today, three are dead and a fourth has fled.
Two Afghan women have been reported murdered by Taliban militants in the country's central Ghazni province.
Mehboba Ahdyar was to be the poster-child for the Olympics but the 19-year-old Afghan runner ran away from an Italian training camp last week. She has since told her parents she is too scared of reprisals and plans to seek asylum in Europe.
Three distinct judicial systems are in force in Afghanistan: the official courts, the traditional jirgas and Islamic scholarship.
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