[fund] co-optation by politico-religious and/or conservative forces

Creationists take their challenge to evolution theory into the classroom.
When it comes to defining family values, conservative Christians and Muslims are united against liberal secularists.
Although this paper is the record of a panel seminar and discussion held at ISEAS on 15 November 2001, it is interesting to read in light of recent events in the region.
Le Conseil français du culte musulman (CFCM) a accueilli trois femmes en son sein. Il n'en reste désormais plus qu'une - voilée : Siham Andalouci, membre du bureau national.
Three years since the formal end of the war and the removal of the Taliban from power, the situation in Afghanistan continues to threaten the safety, security, and human rights of Afghan citizens, particularly Afghan women.
Sri Lanka's Muslims are warning of a militant backlash as increasing tension between them and the Tamil community in the east of the country fuels feelings of frustration and anger.
Once upon a time, when the European Union was a simple common market, matters of faith were left to individual consciences and confessionals.
WLUML recognises that there may be very diverse opinions about the content - and indeed need - for a European Constitution, recently agreed by EU members subject to ratification next year.
On the 10th November 2004 at the Upper Sharia Court Dass, Hajara Ibrahim was discharged by a judgement of the court delivered by Alhaji Mustapaha Umar.
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