[fund] co-optation by politico-religious and/or conservative forces

Here it the text of an article attributed to Antara news agency entitled: "HTI calls for unity for caliphate"; published by Indonesian newspaper Republika on 3 September 2005.
The London bombings have prompted the UK government to outlaw Hizb ut Tahrir - a radical Islamic group that wants to replace secular governments with an Islamic Caliphate, or super-state run according to Sharia Law.
A ruling by a Muslim seminary in India that a woman allegedly raped by her father-in law must separate from her husband has been met with protests.
The Christian right has launched a series of boycotts and pressure campaigns aimed at corporate America -- and at its sponsorship of entertainment, programs and activities they don't like.
Une centaine de personnalités tunisiennes ont demandé le retrait de la Charte arabe des droits de l'Homme en cours d'examen par les députés tunisiens, ce document étant jugé "inacceptabe" et "très en retrait" par rapport à la législation tunisienne.
Polémique autour de la suppression de la filière d'étude de la loi coranique.
This 10-point summary refutes key claims by the Mayor of London in defence of his invitation to the Muslim cleric Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi last July to City Hall.
As Iraq's first elected parliament in decades prepares to begin its work, the women who make up nearly a third of its members agree on one thing: they want more power ... At the same time, the assembly's women are deeply divided.
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