The state ruling party is weathering a barrage of criticism for 'riding roughshod' over female workers' rights in Terengganu.
The Menteri Besar now says it is not right for the Terengganu state government to dictate what non-Muslims cannot wear.
An update and link to the Pas document on an Islamic state.
PAS' “blueprint” of an Islamic state aims to amend the Federal Constitution to make Syariah (Islamic law) the supreme law of the land.
Malaysian newspaper, Malaysiakini, reported that the next general election is a battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims.

Investigation of the historical, legal, and socio-cultural aspects of Muslim women's status in Malaysia. This set of papers is a collection of writings, which emanated from a research project entitled MUSWAL (Muslim Women and Law), sponsored by the Women's Crisis Centre (WCC) Penang.

The Malaysian cabinet has promised to change the country's laws to discourage men from divorcing their wives by means of electronic messages.
SIS is a group of Muslim professional women committed to promoting the rights of women within the framework of Islam.
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