Miss Joy, now 43, converted to Christianity in her 20s, changing her name from Azlina Jailani. She wants to wed her Christian boyfriend but Malaysia in effect bans Muslims from marrying outside the faith.
Née musulmane, une Malaisienne de 42 ans demandait le droit de changer officiellement de religion. La Cour fédérale l'a déboutée. Harcelée, elle se cacherait aujourd'hui en Australie.
Growing assertiveness of Islamic courts intrudes on the rights of non-Muslims and threatens social harmony in the prosperous nation, says Sadanand Dhume.
A Malaysian Islamic court has extended the detention of a Muslim-born woman living as a Hindu in defiance of the law after she refused to be 'rehabilitated'.
"Islamic authorities took away the baby of a Muslim woman who is living as a Hindu in defiance of the law in the latest case of religious conflict straining ties in multiethnic Malaysia, officials said Friday."
This research aims to deepen our understanding on the dynamics of polygamous families, their different experiences, needs and concerns. Through the results, we hope to have a clearer knowledge on how polygamy affects and impacts upon family life.
Most of those who are involved in polygamous relationships are often in denial, says Indonesian film director Nia Dinata.
Opponents of polygamy in Muslim-majority Malaysia are carrying out a rare survey to prove their claims that the practice throws families into emotional and economic turmoil.
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