Un tribunal islamique de Malaisie a condamné une musulmane à être fouettée avec une canne de rotin pour avoir consommé une bière dans une discothèque.
"An Islamic court in Malaysia has sentenced a Muslim woman to be flogged with a rattan cane for having a beer in a nightclub, a court official said Tuesday.
Open letter: 'Sisters in Islam' (SIS) urges the government to review whipping of women as a form of judicial punishment by the Syariah Courts.
The latest spotlighting on SIS — just one of many through the 20 years of the NGO's existence — began on 7 June 2009 when the PAS muktamar passed without debate a resolution calling for the National Fatwa Council to investigate SIS.
A bold attempt to resolve a protracted problem has yet again revealed the rifts among Malaysians in matters of religion.
Malay Muslim women have been one of the biggest casualties in the ‘holier than thou’ race between the political parties to outdo each other in demonstrating superior Islamic credentials, says a publication by APWLD.
26 unmarried couples may face six-months imprisonment.
Malaysia's prime minister said Wednesday Muslims should still take up yoga, reversing an outright ban that has drawn widespread protests amid concerns over growing Islamic fundamentalism in the multiracial nation.
The Kuala Lumpur Criminal High Court has acquitted human rights defender Ms. Irene Fernandez, following 13 years of judicial battle.
"EXACTLY one month ago, the National Fatwa Council made a decision against women who dressed like men, denouncing it as haram. This has been met with anger, protest, and mainly, confusion, as to what exactly it is that the fatwa condemns."
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