[violence] honour crimes

A la mémoire de Doa et de toutes les victimes des prétendus "crimes d'honneur".
An Israeli court sentenced a man to 16 years in prison on Tuesday for aiding in the so-called honor killing of his sister. The case was unusual in that the women of the family broke their code of silence and testified against the man.
La Campagne Internationale Contre les Crimes d'Honneur (ICAHK) vous annonce sa première publication « Un totalitarisme contre les femmes, Répercussions des crimes et du système de "l'honneur familial" sur les conditions de vie des femmes au Moyen-Orient».
Newspapers report a father stoned his daughter to death in Zahedan, Iran.
شبكة تضامن نساء في طل قوانين المسلمين الدولية والحملة الدولية لوقف قتل ورجم النساء تدعو كل المواطنين المهتمين للاتصال العاجل بالمسئولين الايرانيين سواء بالتليفون أو بالفاكس كي تطلب منهم وقف حكم الرجم حتى الموت الصادر ضد كلا من زهرة وآزار كابيري في ايران
La Cour suprême iranienne a confirmé des peines capitales par lapidation pour deux soeurs reconnues coupables d'adultère, a rapporté leur avocat cité lundi par le quotidien Etemad.
Zohreh and Azar are two young sisters from Khademabad, near Karaj, Iran. Both were arrested on February 5, 2007 due to allegations of adultery given by Sohreh’s husband.
One hundred and thirty-three women were killed last year in Basra, Iraq’s second largest city, either by religious vigilantes or as a result of so-called “honour” killings, a report said on 31 December, 2007.
"What we should learn from forced marriages and 'honour' killings is that we cannot allow cultural relativism to compromise women's human rights."
"There is no legal or Islamic basis for such sentencing. Although it is true that according to Qur’anic teaching, a woman may not meet a man in privacy, no punishment was decreed for taking such action."
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