Update: Kyrgyzstan: Continued access to abortion - safe, for now

We have heard from friends from The Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan who recently requested support in the protest against initiatives that restrict women's right to abortion. They send their thanks and warm wishes to those who sent letters of support and solidarity. For now, these initiatives have not been adopted by the Kyrgyztsan Parliament.
On 13 June 2006 there was Roundtable in the UN House in Bishke to discuss the Ombudsmen's position on abortion and to prepare positions for the hearing in Parliament, the following day. Many women were concerned because they have no representation in Parliament (there are no women Members of Parliament) and the Ombudsman is known for his patriarchal views.

On 14 June 2006 there was a hearing in the national Parliament about the Ombudsmen's suggestion on abortion. Our signtaures and letters of support for abortion rights (national and international) were submitted to the Members of Parliament, all participants at the hearing and high state officials.

The Ombudsman did not appear at the hearing but representatives from women's groups were visible. All state officials, including the Minister for Health and the Minister for Internal Affairs, were in strong opposition to the Ombudsman's proposal to limit abortion rights.

The Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan are very appreciative of our support and solidarity in the united struggle for women's rights.