[fund] promotion and application of religious laws

The police arrested 13 women in a raid on a cafe in the capital, Khartoum, and flogged 10 of them in public for wearing trousers, one of those arrested said Monday.
Afghanistan's government has revised a law that stirred an international outcry because it essentially legalized marital rape.
Saudi officials continue to require women to obtain permission from male guardians to conduct their most basic affairs, like traveling or receiving medical care, despite government assertions that no such requirements exist, Human Rights Watch said.
Getting a divorce and custody of one’s children is very difficult in Bahrain, even in cases where a husband sexually attacks his wife.
The draft would have incited religious and sectarian tensions and violated all the rights of woman and children in Syria, as well as the rights of the man, writes Bassam El-Kadi.
Head of the Majlis judiciary commission Ali Shahrokhi says stoning, heresy and cutting hands will be omitted from Iran's penal laws.
On Thursday, the insurgents used long knives to cut off a hand and a foot each from four young men in Mogadishu as punishment for theft, witnesses said.
A Saudi court has authorized the payment of SR200,000 in blood money to the family of Suryati Bint Dulbari Nurisman, an Indonesian maid in her 20s the authorities say was tortured and beaten to death by a Saudi housewife.
Many young women in Karachi are starting to dress more conservatively. In the past month, they have been approached by men and told to cover themselves from head to toe or stay off the streets.
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