Sudan: Khadija Mohamed Badr Health Deteriorating in Detention

Khadija Mohamed Badr is a Nuba woman was detained in Kadugli on November 11th , 2012;in the large campaign of arrests of Nuba women during the last two months of 2012. Khadija was detained with more than 30 women early November 2012 in suspicion of their relation with the Sudanese Peoples liberations Army/ North -SPLM/N activities in Nuba mountains. On February 6th,2013, Khadija Badr, one of the women detainees was transferred to Khartoum General Hospital after her health was severely deteriorated  as a result of the torture on the hands of the Sudanese security.

On March 10th, 2013, the Sudanese Security transferred Khadija back to Al Obied prison before she comepleted her medical treatment and despite her family's request to let her to recover before being sent back. Khadija's health is deteriorating and  the Sudanese security continue to deny her access to medical care.

The doctors initial diagnosis of Khadija's condition was that she suffered from spinal injury. She remained  in the hospital for one month without any improvement to her condition, as she is in need of  physical therapy but because she is still detained inside the hospital and not allowed to leave she has no access for this vital treatment, which put her health in more danger.

Arry organization is extremely concenred about Khadija Mohamed's life and calls on the Sudanese government to immediately and unconditionally release her or present charge against her and all other detainees, we also call on them to ensure that Khadija receives proper medical care and allow her access to family lawyers and doctors to treat her condition.