Que l’on croit ou pas qu’une intervention militaire US/Europe contre l’Etat Islamique soit une stratégie vouée à l’échec,
que l’on prévoit ou pas que le fait de choisir la mauvaise stratégie pourrait plonger la région dans le chaos pour des décennies et amener encore plus de combattants à rejoindre l’EI,
que l’on considère ou pas qu’une intervention militaire ne ferait que servir de couverture à l’impérialisme au Moyen Orient,
que l’on soit conscient ou pas du fait que, dans le passé, les droits humains ont servi de justification aux opérations militaires,
que l’on soit ou pas un pacifiste jusqu’au-boutiste, opposé à toute guerre quelle qu’elle soit, y compris contre Hitler (ou les nouveaux Hitlers de notre temps, qu’en Algérie nous appelons depuis les années 90 des fascistes-verts),...

Whether or not one believes a US/European military intervention against the Islamic State is a strategy that is likely to fail,
whether or not one foresees, as a result of opting for the wrong strategy, decades of chaos in the region and more fighters joining IS,
whether or not one considers military intervention as a cover up from imperialism in the Middle East,
whether or not one is aware of human rights past justifications for military interventions,
whether or not one is an all-out pacifist opposed to any war, even against Hitler (or the new Hitlers of our times that we, in Algeria, have been labeling ‘green-fascists’ since the nineties),

Sexual violence is one of the most horrific crimes committed during conflict. No one should have to endure the pain and humiliation of rape and sexual exploitation and violence, and it is particularly deplorable when a child is subjected to this brutality. The prevalence in conflict of sexual violence against children is shocking.

Women are the sole providers for one in four Syrian refugee families, struggling to provide food and shelter for their children and often facing harassment, humiliation and isolation, according to a report from the UN high commissioner for refugees.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians living in Syria have been uprooted since the violent government crackdown on the uprising and the ensuing battles that ensnared their communities. For around 50,000 of them, Lebanon was their only safe route out but now it seems this door is being closed on them.

أعربت المبادرة المصرية للحقوق الشخصية اليوم عن صدمتها إزاء قرار محكمة جنح مصر الجديدة باستمرار حبس يارا سلام، مسؤول ملف العدالة الانتقالية بالمبادرة المصرية و22 آخرين في القضية المرتبطة بمظاهرة سلمية خرجت يوم السبت الماضي 21 يونيو في حي مصر الجديدة وتعرضت للتفريق على يد قوات شرطة ساعدها أشخاص يرتدون ملابس مدنية.

After three years of war in Nuba Mountains, the indiscriminate bombardment and the massive human rights violation continue to escalate. During the last five weeks, the Jnajweed (Rapid Respond Forces as the government call them), were deployed in large numbers to several areas in Nuba mountains. The government media reported on April 26, 2014*, that the Janjweed militias were legal troops, affiliated with the National Security forces; and their mission in Nuba Mountains was to end the insurgency in the region during this summer.

أحضرونا بالباص، كنا مجموعة كبيرة من الرفيقات والرفاق، أذكر أن أيدينا كانت مقيدة بالأغلال، تملكني الخوف من الوصول إلى ذلك المكان، والتحقيق المتوقع، ومن مقابلة مضر الذي كنت أتوقع وجوده هناك، ورؤية كل الرفاق. اعترتني مجموعة مختلطة من المشاعر من الخوف والترقب والرغبة… ولكن كل شيء اختفى في طريقنا عندما بدأت بالاقتراب من المدينة التي أحببتها وما زلت، لم أشعر بطول الطريق أو بالوقت الذي مر… دمشق كانت تلوح في الأفق أمامنا.

MAR 2014
Women at a recent summit in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, called on the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) to include their views in the drafting of the Basic Law for the new Bangsamoro region. This self-governing entity has emerged following a peace agreement after decades of armed conflict.
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