India: Attempt to excommunicate artist from Islam

Muslim Women's Law Board
All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board (AIMWPB) has severely castigated the attempt of so-called Majlis-e-shura of Bhopal to exorcise noted painter M.F. Hussain from Islam.
In a statement issued here today Board's Secretary General Ms. Parveen Abdi said that in Islam none has the authority to throw out anybody out of Islamic faith.
The trend among some Muslim sects and groups calling the others as non-Muslims has been severely condemned at the Islamic conference where it has been decided that so long as one believes in Allah and his Prophet and other basic tenants of Islam no one has right to question his Islamic credentials, let alone outcast anyone out of Islam.

Paintings by M.F. Hussain which hurt the sentiments of our Hindu brethrens is condemnable as the right to freedom of expression can be an unbridled license to offend emotions and religious feelings of others said Parveen Abdi. She also urged the media not to give undue importance to such copycat behavior of some strange and self- styled leaders of putting booty on killing of Danish cartoonist or M.F.Hussain. Acts of individuals in their respective fields should not be seen as representative behavior of the community.

Ironically, downbeat leadership prefers to discuss and decree dress code for Tennis Sania Mirza than the deprivation of Muslim women in society. Muslims have rightfully protested enough against the misdemeanor of the Danish cartoonist and now it is the right time for Muslim leadership to channelise the surge of Muslim sentiments against illiteracy, unemployment, dogma, gender injustice and other day to day life issues which concern the community at large.