International: Launch of Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF)

International Planned Parenthood Federation
The Safe Abortion Action Fund provides grants to non-governmental organizations that will enable them to implement specific, in-country initiatives to increase their work in any area along the abortion continuum.
The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has launched a new fund which aims to reduce unsafe abortion around the world.
The SAAF is a targeted reserve of resources to enable the implementation of programmes and initiatives to increase access to safe abortion services within a comprehensive package of reproductive health services, with particular regard for the needs of marginalized and vulnerable women.”

To contribute toward the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal on maternal health, which includes a target on reducing maternal mortality, IPPF will prioritize proposals that come from the poorest countries where the need for improved abortion services is greatest. The Safe Abortion Action Fund will provide grants of up to $350,000 for a maximum of two years. Proposals must address one of three thematic areas: advocacy, operations research or service delivery.

To be considered for funding, applications to the Fund must be received no later than 30 October 2006.

Information can be found at: