Palestine/Israel: Aswat Palestinian Gay Women Publish Coming Out Narratives


Palestinian Gay Woman is pleased to announce the publication of “Waqfet Banat”. Today, for the third time, Arab women make a decision to no longer remain silent; they choose to speak about their most intimate and challenging times, their coming out journeys, not only to family, friends and society, but specifically to themselves. These stories were written as the need to tell and share them, and document our life experiences became a deep part of our self-empowerment process as individuals and as a community.  We believe we must tell our stories, not only from a religious, political, parental or societal perspective, but also from the vantage point of our inner personal experience and the struggle with our sexual orientation and gender identity. 

"Waqfet Banat" is here not just to document our struggle and the struggles of marginalized groups in a hetero-patriarchal society.  It also serves to open a window of hope to those who are questioning their sexuality, their sexual orientation and/or gender identity; and who are wondering if they alone, or if they are abnormal in a world that condemns everything that stands outside the boundaries set by modern society, and by the three monotheistic religions and the parental expectations of accepted social norms.

This publication is unique as it holds the personal narratives of the writers.  With each copy read, there is one less person who feels alone; and with every copy read there are friends, lovers, parents, partners and siblings who will gain a deeper understanding of what an Arab LGBTQI might be feeling or struggling with.  With each copy read, more public awareness is raised about the struggle of the Arab LBTQI community. 

In "Waqfet Banat", we say to everyone who believes, for one reason or another, that they are not the “norm”, that despite all we have faced in our daily lives, we still stand firm, in the forefront or in the backdrop, in our desire to create an inclusive society for everyone.  We support one another and all those around us and we say, “Yes, I am different, and Yes, I am proud. I go forward on this journey that I choose to take and to explore”.

For details, or to purchase the book please write to Rima, ipcoordinator[at] or call out office 04.8662357