World Social Forum opens - continued campaign 'Against Fundamentalisms, People Are Fundamental'

World Social Forum
Over 70,000 women, men, youth and children marched through the streets of Porto Alegre on Thursday for peace and to oppose war and neo-liberal economic policies.
A lively women´s contingent of several hundred women continued last year´s WSF campaign, “Against fundamentalisms, people are fundamental.” Their campaign, organized by Articulacion Feminista Marcosur is co-sponsored by 28 of September, Campaign for the Convention, Catholics for the Right to Choose, CFCH, Center for Women's Global Leadership, CLADEM, WICEJ, DAWN, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network, REPEM, Women and Habitat, and Women Living Under Muslim Laws. The campaign challenges both the dogma of the free market and religious or ethnic fundamentalisms, and draws links between them. Women took to the streets with a carnival float, drummers and dancers, large balloons and t-shirts, all with giant lips, calling on people to speak out. Thousands of paper lips were worn by men and women alike, covering their mouths, as a symbol of those who are silenced, those who can speak and but do not, and those who have chosen to speak out.