[empower] capacity building initiatives and materials

16 jours d'activisme contre la violence faite aux femmes.
WLUML, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Shirkat Gah, and the Women’s International Coalition for Economic Justice are running this workshop during the AWID Forum, taking place from 3-6 Ocober in Mexico.
Creating a culture that says NO to violence against women.
This legal literacy programme for women in Morocco was elaborated by the Morocco field office of the International Human Rights Law Group and 14 Moroccan women’s advocacy NGOs and local development associations from around the country.
Un programme d'alphabetisation juridique pour les femmes au Maroc.
Creates and provides channels of communication between women's rights organisations and the public in Arab countries.
Miftah is a Palestinian, Jerusalem-based, independent institution committed to fostering the principles of democracy and effective dialogue based on the free and candid exchange of information and ideas.
Established in November 1996, Adalah (Justice in Arabic) is the first non-profit, non-sectarian Palestinian-run legal center in Israel.
La clé: renforcer les compétences, créer des liens… et les garder vivants!
Le Centre d’information et d’observation des femmes (CIOFEM), une émanation de la Ligue Démocratique des Droits de la Femme (LDDF) vient d’organiser à Casablanca le 26 janvier 2002 un colloque international sur le thème Femmes et discours religieux.
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