[state] women’s political participation

Tunisia's ruling that men and women must feature in equal numbers as candidates in July polls is an Arab world first that builds on this year's revolt and allays fears of conservative influence, observers say. The decision by authorities preparing the July 24 constituent assembly poll after the uprising that toppled Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the north African nation's long-serving president, has been hailed as a regional breakthrough. The Tunisian revolution has sparked similar revolts in other Arab countries. "It is historic," said Sana Ben Assour, president of the

La haute commission chargée de préparer les élections du 24 juillet de l’assemblée constituante tunisienne a adopté lundi soir un décret qui prévoit un mode de scrutin à la proportionnelle et la parité-hommes/femmes, rapporte Trends top. L’élection prévoit le système des plus forts restes, qui favorise les petits partis. 

We members of SuWEP from both sectors North & South met at Afhad University for Women in Khartoum during the period from 12th to 13th of December, 2010 to discuss issues that affects women in the pre’ during and post referendum periods.

تزامنا مع حملة الستة عشر يوما لمناهضة العنف ضد المرأة، شاركت اكثر من ثلاثين منظمة انسانية ونسوية تعنى بحقوق الانسان وشخصيات ثقافية مختلفة، بتاريخ 25 تشرين الثاني 2010 في الاعتصام الذي اقامه "تجمع لا للعنف ضد المرأة"، امام مبنى محافظة كركوك، حيث شاركت ممثلة جمعية الامل العراقية بالاعتصام معهم. لأول مرة في تاريخ كركوك يحدث اعتصام يطالب بحقوق المرأة المغبونة بدون تدخل اي جهة سياسية، ضم فيه كافة القوميات والمنظمات من مختلف مناطق كركوك.

"Nous allons tout simplement au delà de la revendication qui est celle portant sur l'égalité des sexes, c´était hier ! Aujourd´hui, nous réclamons des compétences techniques et spécialisées à partir desquelles nous pourrons utiliser des outils efficaces pour amener la volonté politique dans la réalité de tous les secteurs en matière de genre." Citation de la déclaration par SE Madame Awa Ndiaye, Ministre d’Etat, Ministre du Genre et des Relations avec les Associations féminines Africaines et Etrangères - Dakar, Sénégal, 30 Novembre 2010.

“We are moving beyond simply asking for gender equality, that was then! We are now calling for technical and specialized skills to use effective tools in bringing the political will into reality across all sectors in terms of gender” - HE Mrs Awa Ndiaye, Minister of State for Gender and Relations with African and Foreign Women Associations. Dakar, Senegal, on Nov 30, 2010.

During the day, election-related violence claimed at least eight lives. Early results from the poll – described by domestic and international observers as "breathtaking" in its levels of fraud – suggest that the ruling National Democratic party (NDP) has captured 96% of the seats, while the 88 opposition members from the Muslim Brotherhood, could be erased to zero. 

أصدرت نظرة للدراسات النسوية عضو الائتلاف المستقل لمراقبة الانتخابات تقرير عن أعمال الدعاية الانتخابية لمرشحات الانتخابات التشريعية 2010.وقد تناول التقرير أداء المرشحات لمجلس الشعب خلال مرحلة الدعاية الأنتخابية من خلال تحليل لأنشطتهن وبرامجهن الانتخابية ومدى اهتمامهن بإدماج قضايا المرأة  في البرنامج الانتخابي. وقد رصد التقرير حالات تعسف الجهة الادارية في تنفيذ أحكام القضاء الاداري وما ترتب عليه من أنفراد مرشحتان بالترشيح على مقعد المرأة (عمال  فلاحين) بمحافظتي 6 أكتوبر وبني سويف، مما يضمن فوز سهل في حال حصولهما على 10% من أجمالي عدد الأصوات المقيدة بالدائرة الانتخابية.

In an article titled "Women's Breasts and Their Importance," posted on the liberal website Aafaq, Saudi reformist and women's rights activist Wajeha Al-Huweidar mocked the breast cancer awareness campaign recently conducted in Saudi Arabia. She said it is ironic that the Saudi authorities are so concerned for the health of the women's breasts, when they fail to regard them as full human beings with rights in the domains of education, family, housing, and employment. She added that women cannot be physically healthy when they suffer social and political repression.

The third African Feminist Forum which took place from October 20-24 is a biennial conference that brings together African feminist activists to deliberate on issues of key concern to the movement. It was during this third edition of the forum that participants voted unanimously for several key petitions calling for action, including a petition addressed to the President of the transitional Government in Guinea calling for an  urgent action in favor of the respect of women´s rights, maintain peace and security before, during and after the presidential runoff elections.

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