[state] women’s political participation

While Lebanese women today enjoy senior positions in the private sector, political appointments have all but eluded them.
Quatre femmes vont faire leur entrée au parlement koweïtien.
Le 16 avril, la loi sur le quota de 30% de femmes sur les listes électorales au Burkina Faso a été adoptée par 87 voix sur 103 députés présents à l'Assemblée nationale.
This month, 42 women were among the 475 people who signed up to run as president, harboring hope that this time, there was a real chance for a female candidate to stand.
US-educated Aseel al-Awadhi and Rola Dashti were among winners in the third district, official results declared.
C’est la solidarité personnifiée avec les aspirations et les combats des populations du Sud pour leur émancipation et leur insertion dans le monde moderne.
In partnership with the Centre for Arab Women Training and Research (CAWTAR), UN-INSTRAW has initiated a project on Strengthening women’s leadership and participation in politics and decision-making in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.
La juriste Nadia Aït-Zaï interpelle les candidats à la présidentielle
Nawal al-Samarraie resigned last month to protest the lack of resources for women, accusing the government of not making women's needs a priority.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the number of seats reserved for women in Bangladesh parliament would be raised from 45 at present.
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