Muslim Women’s Action Forum (MWRAF) (WLUML sister organization in Sri Lanka)

MWRAF strives to empower women to realize their full potential, locating itself in the local as well as the larger socio-political context, challenging given ‘codes and norms’, while addressing emerging issues that directly affect people’s lives. It seeks equity and justice for all women in a society free of violence against women and exploitation of women by all patriarchal structures including the family, society, custom, religion, and the state. MWRAF conducts extensive research on violence against women, political use of religion, reproductive health, early/forced marriage, law and Muslim Women, etc. They work for understanding between ethnic communities; do outreach through workshops, discussions, media programmes and publications; dialogue with institutions and family court judges; and provide legal advice on matters relating to marriage, divorce, maintenance of wife, child custody, etc. NWEAF is a WLUML sister organization in Sri Lanka.

Address: NO: 73/19 E, Kirulapone Avenue, Colombo-05, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 2512846

Fax: +94 11 4405902