USA: Reproductive rights - 30th aniversary of Roe vs Wade judgement

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Protest in Washington DC in support of abortion rights.
Meanwhile, the threats to abortion rights were made clear as abortion rights opponents participated in a “March for Life” beginning at the Washington Monument. President Bush phoned in a message of support for the anti-choice activities from St. Louis, Missouri. Right-wing political leaders in Congress are hoping to pass a number of anti-abortion bills this year, with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and a supportive President. Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) told the Associated Press that “we will pass the first significant pro-life legislation actually limiting abortion in 30 years,” predicting that a ban on so-called “partial-birth” abortion would be passed quickly by Congress.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice works to ensure reproductive choice through the moral power of religious communities. The Coalition seeks to give clear voice to the reproductive issues of people of color, those living in the poverty, and other underserved populations. The Coalition provides opportunities for religious people to examine and articulate their own pro-choice positions. They state, "Today as the Religious Right continues to make headway in local, state, and national legislatures; as clinic violence continues at unacceptable levels; as the media continue to frame the issue of choice as anti-choice religious vs. pro-choice secular--the need for a moral and religious point of view is greater than ever."