The Women and Memory Forum has recently published the first book of its new series of Readers on Gender in the Humanities and Social Sciences in the Arabic language. The book is titled Reader on Gender and Political Science, edited by Mervat Hatem and translated by Shohart El-Alem. 

The controversial mock presidential elections held by the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to form an Islamic government that works as a model of administrating the state under a civil Islamic government. The elections became controversial when the idea was raise to nominate a woman for the presidency. Moreover, the administration of the "Muslim Brotherhood's Youth Forum," which was responsible for running the elections, refused the request of the forum's Muslim Sisters’ group to be nominated to the presidency. The website's administration declared its insistence to adhering to Islamic law, which states that women are not allowed to be nominated as presidents of a state.

بينما انتظرنا وانتظر الرأي العام المصري نتائج دراسة مجلس الدولة حول تعيين النساء في القضاء، اجتمع المجلس الخاص برئاسته الجديدة ليصدر قرارًا جديدًا بالإعلان عن قبول التعيين في وظيفة مندوبين مساعدين من خريجي كليات الحقوق والشريعة دفعة 2008-2009، أى نفس الدفعة التى سبق الإعلان فى العام الماضى عن فتح باب التعيين لخريجيها وخريجاتها، وهو ما يعد تراجعا عن كل الإجراءات التى تمت تنفيذا لإعلان المجلس رقم 2 لسنة 2009 بقبول التعيين فى وظيفة مندوبين مساعدين من خريجى وخريجات كليات الحقوق والشريعة عن نفس الدفعة 2008-2009

إن الإعلان الجديد يمثل تراجعًا واضحًا على عدة مستويات:

ECWR was shocked when it received the decision of the State Council, Egypt’s Administrative Court, to defer the appointment of female judges, although consensus of the Special Council was reached, allowing women to be appointed to judicial positions. The State Council attributed reason for the delay in approving the appointment of female judges to regulation problems, including a lack of safe and secure places for women to stay when presiding over a trial and a lack of nurseries for their children.

On June 6, a pair of police officers entered an Alexandria Internet cafe and began asking for the identification documents of everyone present. When 28-year-old Khaled Said objected to being searched without a warrant, the officers began to attack him, beating his head against a table and kicking him in the chest. They tied his hands behind his back and dragged him to a nearby building where they continued to smash his head, first against an iron door and then against the building's marble steps. Witnesses heard Khaled begging them to stop, screaming "I'm going to die," to which the officers responded: "You're going to die anyway." The officers dragged Said into their police car and drove him away, only to return several minutes later to leave his lifeless corpse in the street.

The year 2009 has highlighted the recurring situations confronting defenders in the southern and eastern Mediterranean. These situations are closely linked to the nature of their activities but they are also related to broad political trends at the national and international levels. It is in this context that the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF) increased its responsibilities and provided assistance to 36 defenders in 2009.

La Fondation euro-méditerranéenne de soutien aux défenseurs des droits de l’Homme (FEMDH) qui a pour objectif de soutenir les défenseurs dans les pays du sud de la méditerranée publie aujourd’hui son rapport annuel 2009. Le rapport met l’accent sur les actions entreprises par la FEMDH au cours de l’année 2009.

La justice égyptienne a annoncé le 3 janvier que les étudiantes portant le niqab seraient désormais interdites d’examen. Elle donne ainsi raison au ministère de l’Éducation supérieure qui, par cette mesure, déclare vouloir éviter les fraudes. Entre porter le niqab et passer des examens en Égypte, il faut désormais choisir. Le 3 janvier, un tribunal égyptien a décidé que les Égyptiennes revêtant le voile intégral, celui ne laissant entrevoir que les yeux, ne seraient plus autorisées à passer leurs épreuves.

Alexandria's beautiful Corniche by the Mediterranean is one of the most romantic places for a young couple in love to take a stroll. However, there is a sinister side to this picturesque scene that few talk about. At any given time, the coast is crawling with the policemen and plainclothes thugs of the morality police, searching for (unmarried) couples cuddling in a secluded area to terrify and blackmail.

يسعدنا دعوتكم للمشاركة في الحوار والجدل حول الرجولة المتغيرة وذلك من خلال المدونة الخاصة بمشروع الرجولة المتغيرة، المجتمعات المحلية المتغيرة. وهذا الحوار الالكتروني هو أحد أنشطة المشروع الذي ينفذه المعهد الدنماركي المصري للحوار(ديدي) بالتعاون مع المركز الدنماركي للمعلومات عن النوع والمساواة والعرق (كفينفو) بعنوان "الرجوله المتغيرة، المجتمعات المحلية المتغيرة".

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