Law reform

Le nouveau Code de la famille du Mali adopté le 4 août améliore le droit des femmes dans ce pays. Son application nécessite toutefois un engagement constant des autorités publiques, loin d’être acquis sur le long terme.
The agony of more than 2,000 families here with stateless children might be over soon with the decision of a state-run organisation to push for equal 
nationality rights for women and men.
The draft would have incited religious and sectarian tensions and violated all the rights of woman and children in Syria, as well as the rights of the man, writes Bassam El-Kadi.
Syria has scrapped a law limiting the length of sentences handed down to men convicted of killing female relatives they suspect of having illicit sex.
Head of the Majlis judiciary commission Ali Shahrokhi says stoning, heresy and cutting hands will be omitted from Iran's penal laws.
The state's duty to protect the right to life has been applied in a domestic violence context for the first time in Turkey.
It is only on certain conditions that the offspring of a Qatari woman wedded to an outsider is given Qatar’s citizenship.
A bold attempt to resolve a protracted problem has yet again revealed the rifts among Malaysians in matters of religion.
Entretien avec Lina Abou Habib, Directrice exécutive de « Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action »
Lawmakers from the largest opposition bloc in the Bahraini Parliament are opposing setting the minimum marriage age for girls at 15, saying this is against Islamic principles.
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