Law reform

Polémique entre les partisans et les abolitionnistes; La peine de mort agite les débats.
A new organisation to regulate foreign marriages has been created following the lifting of a six-month suspension of such unions in November, officials say.
Nearly 200 women from 40 women’s organizations staged a demonstration in front of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) building in Erbil calling to amend a Personal Status Law article allowing polygamy.
"Throughout her 25 years of marriage, Olfat, was regularly beaten and humiliated by her husband. Yet she never complained to anyone for fear of tarnishing her family’s reputation."
The women's movement welcomed a move by Morocco to withdraw its reservations regarding the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women.
Le mouvement féministe a accueilli favorablement la volonté du Maroc de lever ses réserves concernant la Convention internationale sur l'Elimination de toutes les formes de Discrimination Envers les Femmes.
Presently aged 21 and 22, two young women were expelled at the beginning of 1999 from the school of Flers, in l’Orne, France after having refused to remove their headscarves during physical education class, despite repeated requests by their professor. The European Court of Human Rights observed that the purpose of the restriction on the applicants’ right to manifest their religious convictions was to adhere to the requirements of secularism in state schools.
In a significant move towards ensuring gender equality for women, Oman has amended its land law to give women equal rights as men to own residential plots.
Les jeunes filles musulmanes qui se battent pour se voir reconnaître le droit de porter le voile à l'école viennent de subir un revers.
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